Custom Aeration Units in Aquaponics

Using custom aeration units is something to consider as a dabbler in Aquaponics.  Here is a picture of a unit I designed that slices the bubbles into a fine mist.

Smaller bubbles improve surface area contact which allows for better gas exchanges.

A design I implemented for maximum efficiency.

Various "Venturi" prototypes.

Tree application: Multiple injectors designed to catalyze breakdown of organic debris.


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On a mission to educate the public about Aquaponics.
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2 Responses to Custom Aeration Units in Aquaponics

  1. Sean says:

    I’m very excited about this blog, you seem to have some great ideas.

    For your venturi system, are you just allowing air in using atm pressure or are you pumping in the air with an air pump of some sort? If so, how many liters per minute (lpm) for how many lpm of water? Imperial units are fine as well.

    • thanks for your interest. the negative pressure differential of the venturi throat allows the air to be sucked into the orifice; i am using normal atmosphere pressure. the amount of air drawn in is not very much in most of my designs, however the gas which is drawn is efficiently blended, crushed, pressurized, such that i get complete saturation of dissolved oxygen on a single pass.

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